James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris is the CEO of Osler Health Management, the management service organization for Osler Health IPA, a national physician and provider network. He has served in the CEO role in hospitals, large physician systems, medical device companies and as a health care turnaround specialist over his 40 year career in the industry. E-mail him here.

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Social marketing, search engine optimization, practice marketing' are all good, but 'here are three sure things to increase revenues at minimal cost.

Achieving improved cost, access, and quality of healthcare is an elusive goal for good reason. Like a balloon animal, squeezing one part always affects another.

The concept of population health is straightforward. Achieving it, not so much, because it requires numerous fundamental changes in our delivery system.

The near future for physicians: Dying mom and pop store owners in a big-box health plan, hospital system world trading lab coats for a branded apron.

The Highmark BCBS purchase of a Pittsburgh health system puts insurers in the thick of hospital competition and reduces physicians to the role of bystander.

As VA bureaucrats’ fraud, incompetence, and self-interest is exposed, it vividly illustrates why government should get out of healthcare.

Harvard's Michael E. Porter and Thomas H. Lee state, "Providers must lead the way in making value the overarching goal." Physicians are at the core.

It hasn’t dawned on Washington that hospitals and hospital systems will never commit financial suicide by reducing volume, and physicians will pay the price.

Both sides of the healthcare debate are mired in political entropy, stifling innovation and leaving no options other than to cut prices.

Only one of five surveyed physicians cites reducing cost of care as a priority when that is every payer's first priority.


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