James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris is the CEO of Osler Health Management, the management service organization for Osler Health IPA, a national physician and provider network. He has served in the CEO role in hospitals, large physician systems, medical device companies and as a health care turnaround specialist over his 40 year career in the industry. E-mail him here.

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Our healthcare system is fragmented, misaligned, full of conflicts of interest, and tragically ineffective. Here are four strategies to fix it.

With 30-plus years in the hospital business, here are three secrets about the physicians hospitals hire and those who are most valued.

New wearable and ingestible wireless diagnostics promise to improve quality of life for physicians and patients … if EHRs would cooperate.

Defensive medicine makes it more likely that you will be sued. Defensible medicine? Now, that puts you on malpractice insurers’ "A" lists. Here's how.

Meet the future head-on with these five essentials for a successful healthcare service business (you can bet the retail clinics are using these).

Patient deductibles have gone from getting patients' "skin in the game" to being "skinned alive." Their problems are physicians' problems.

Even if you don't accept Medicaid, new state laws may require you to as its cost and failed policy overwhelms budgets.

The most asked question from state legislators: Does physician quality really impact cost?

Hospitals go to great lengths to control physicians. They take undeserved public credit for physicians’ work. Curiously, physicians capitulate. Why?

BCBS of Massachusetts' quality and cost experiment touts spending reductions that insult physicians' intelligence.


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