James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris is the CEO of Osler Health Management, the management service organization for Osler Health IPA, a national physician and provider network. He has served in the CEO role in hospitals, large physician systems, medical device companies and as a health care turnaround specialist over his 40 year career in the industry. E-mail him here.

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Bundling payments for care episodes is gaining popularity among payers. It is episodic risk-sharing, and it can be risky business for physicians.

The Obama administration’s health insurance enrollment numbers don’t match up to a conservative’s fact check. Who is telling the truth?

Family physician Marlin Gill wrote his congressman looking for help in Washington’s “war on doctors.” His facts are correct, but his reasoning is not.

The 90-day “payment grace period” for exchange insured patients puts physicians at risk for 60 days if patients don't pay their premiums.

The CBO says tacking a five-year delay to the individual mandate to the SGR fix will result in 13 million more uninsured and cost $138 billion.

Primary-care transformation is not just about meeting standards, it requires a fundamental change focused on reducing cost and utilization.

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll indicates that 47 percent of Americans don’t like the ACA, but 56 percent would keep it. Why the confusion? Politics.

Performance, not a physician's resume, is fast becoming the new gold standard for patients and payers alike.

Value-based payment legislation would reward compliance over physician performance, stripping the value from healthcare delivery reform.

Physicians use a common, interoperable population health platform to cut healthcare spending by a third.


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