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James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris

James Doulgeris is the CEO of Osler Health Management, the management service organization for Osler Health IPA, a national physician and provider network. He has served in the CEO role in hospitals, large physician systems, medical device companies and as a health care turnaround specialist over his 40 year career in the industry. E-mail him here.

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Ocean Spray Cranberries is the perfect analog for an independent practice association – a cooperative comprised of independent entities with central operations.


A healthcare CEO gives his opinions on improving the current healthcare system, putting onus on physicians to step-up and make changes.


Movie, music, and publishing revenues are a shadow of what they were 10 years ago thanks to new technology and delivery systems. The same can be said of healthcare.

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Healthcare policies and laws that favor special interests are bad news for physicians and the public. New Jersey is a more extreme example.

IBM's Paul Grundy may best be known for his role in creating Patient-Centered Medical Homes, but his next steps are all about primary care.

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Pay-for-performance programs often set up complex metrics to define quality, when simple solutions to the initial problem would be far more effective.


You don't need practice advice, software, or seminars to make patients happy and loyal. You just need to be there when they need you. Here's how.


Being successful as a physician entrepreneur has little to do with how clever an invention or service is and everything to do with how useful it is to others.


Paying primary-care physicians more is a proven winner, but a Michigan study indicates that health plans playing penny-ante get what they pay for.

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Our fragmented, disconnected, crisis-based medical system where doctors bear no consequence for cost, but liable for everything, is a wasteful money pit.


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