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Janet Kidd Stewart

Janet Kidd Stewart

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Feeling burnout symptoms, physicians nationwide are changing their practice models to subscription-based clinics.


Direct primary care practices are growing in popularity, according to this year's GAP Survey. Why is that the case?

Finding the right professional to guide your financial future can be tricky. Make it easier with these tips.

Not all financial advisers are created the same. Make sure to do your due diligence before you commit to a working relationship.

Practices must explore new collection strategies for patients with high-deductible plans that require more financial responsibility.

With a large number of physicians planning to retire in the next few years, it will be important for them to plan ahead before hanging it up.

Here are five practical tips for physicians that are planning on retiring in the next few years and don’t want to be ill-prepared.

Learn from victimized practices and protect your own office from theft with these simple strategies.

Keep an eye out for these four scenarios at your practice to avoid being the victim of embezzlement.

From actually locating your payer contracts to making negotiations effective, here are five strategies for your medical practice.


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