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Jeff Gatewood

Jeff Gatewood

Jeff Gatewood is a principal in BeneMedical, LLC, which creates digital solutions to assist physicians in the quest for profitable medical practices. He is also co-creator of AWVSolution.com, a website providing electronic data capture and care plan creation for Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. E-mail him here.

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Many medical practices are billing for Medicare's AWV without providing a detailed and personalized plan at the visit. Here's what they should do.

Medical practices need to start looking at the AWV as a business and healthcare opportunity. Offering staff bonuses to schedule the visits may help.

Some efficient and coordinated scheduling of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit can benefit patients and your medical practice.

Presently, physicians and patients are primarily involved in treatment, not prevention. Is it time to swing the pendulum the other way?

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is an ideal time to talk to your senior patients about preventing adverse drug reactions.

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit's Health Risk Assessments provide opportunities for ancillary income for physicians.

Combining the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit with an annual physical exam with no copay can generate goodwill and promote more patient visits and revenue.

Here's a list of what your medical practice is required to provide, and what you'll get reimbursed for, regarding Medicare Annual Wellness Visits.

Want to make the most of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit? Make it a when and not an if at your medical practice.

You can generate over $50 per Medicare patient per year for asymptomatic screens.


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