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Jeffrey D. Brunken

Jeffrey D. Brunken

Jeffrey D. Brunken, RPLU, CPCU, GEBS, GBDS, is president and chairman of the board of The MGIS Companies, Inc. (MGIS), the nation’s leading provider of insurance products and services specifically for physicians. With nearly 30 years of experience, Brunken is an expert on physician protection. E-mail him here.

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Even if a physician stops practicing medicine, malpractice coverage needs to continue. Here's how to ensure you are covered.

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Here are six steps to protect yourself and your practice from malpractice suits stemming from a patient's prescription addiction.

I find that physicians in private practice are passionate about what they do, and most want to stay independent.


Cyber risk isn't just a technology issue. It affects your entire business, so have a plan in place and mitigated through education and risk management.

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Tailored risk management can reduce healthcare costs. While your insurer does its best to reduce your risk, here are three ways physicians can do the same.


Change can impact a physician’s two key risk exposures: professional liability and long-term disability. Here's how to reduce your risks.

The recent Anthem record breach underscores a growing threat to all of us in the healthcare industry. But proper risk management can help you fight back.

Malpractice insurance pricing has been stable and even declining for the past several years, but will the trend continue?

Physicians have a great opportunity to bargain shop for high quality malpractice insurance. But they must remember their priorities, and above all, buy quality.

PAs and NPs can be great assets to practices, but physicians need to take proper precautions. Here are three liability coverage must-haves.


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