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Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD, FAAFP, is a family physician in private practice in northeastern Wisconsin, and in perpetual search of the elusive work-life balance that she's heard so much about. She is a mother of four, whose husband, also a physician, is a stay-at-home dad.

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In order to provide comprehensive care, physicians need the ability to pick up on a patients concerns, not just their symptoms.

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Procedures in medicine are changing, but are they headed in the right direction for the patients well-being?


In an era where knowledge is at our fingertips, board exams have become less practical for clinicians.


This physician shares her unfiltered views on a new workplace, while remembering the way things used to be.


Physicians often will sacrifice themselves and their families for their patients, so meet any needs you can so that the sacrifices are minimized.


This doctor has decided on an eternal New Year's resolution to be on time. Unfortunately, she's discovered there is such a thing as over-preparation.


When you're having a tough day and wondering why anyone would be a primary-care physician, it can be hard to empathize with patients.

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This doctor prescribes treatments and medications only when the benefit outweighs the harm — sometimes it's not that clear cut.


She says being able to get to know her patients on a personal level is the best part of being a doctor and makes all the headaches of the job worth it.


In light of the election, America is united in not knowing what lies ahead. This doctor uses this time to reflect on our health system and its many issues.


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