Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD, FAAFP, is a family physician in private practice in northeastern Wisconsin, and in perpetual search of the elusive work-life balance that she's heard so much about. She is a mother of four, whose husband, also a physician, is a stay-at-home dad.

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Patient access to care has become problematic. One way to address this is to standardize scheduling procedures.

Starting college can be both scary and exciting: especially when choosing a profession. But hard work is never wasted, as this physician found out.

It is easy to view life from your own circumstances, but chances are your colleagues are experiencing challenges too. Don't forget to reach out.

Being able to decide how many days you want to see patients is great for raising kids. But, it can cramp the family budget. How do you balance both?

Despite rising rates of prescription drug abuse, there is no real consensus in the physician community on treatment protocols. Physicians often follow their own heart.

Docs have the tendency to get stressed out when there is not enough down-time. Fully enjoying a vacation can allow them to reconnect with both family and patients.

Spending time with your medical assistant will help the day run more smoothly, as well as increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Sending children away to summer camp gives this physician a unique opportunity to reassess her work-life balance.

Medical practices, just like other work environments, face significant challenges when it comes to navigating increasing demand for flexible scheduling.


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