Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD, FAAFP, is a family physician in private practice in northeastern Wisconsin, and in perpetual search of the elusive work-life balance that she's heard so much about. She is a mother of four, whose husband, also a physician, is a stay-at-home dad.

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Do you wince when asked to attend a meeting at 6:30 pm, after a long day seeing patients? Here are some tips to manage expectations and set boundaries.

Staying on time is a challenge for this physician. But she concedes there are methods to improve her time management.

The growing list of payer demands continues to drive medical decision making. It can also impede patient care and hasten physician burnout.

Your practice can do a great job managing illness, but without empathy and courtesy, the patient will feel the service and quality of care was poor.

Early conversations with terminal patients and family members can often better inform treatment plans, and take out the emotional road blocks.

Does your practice ask busy physicians to juggle committee/administrative work with treating patients? Should they?

While many external factors affect work-life balance, the internal battles we fight are often the most challenging. Here's how I propose to change that.

I always seek to provide a therapeutic interaction. However, I often seek it in the certainty of medical knowledge and behind the veneer of science.

Many practices struggle with providing same-day care. But in many cases, offering flexibility may mean the difference between keeping and losing a patient.

I believe in achieving work-life balance. However, my hobbies seem to include learning new shortcuts on the EHR and reading my Kindle while brushing my teeth.


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