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Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD

Jennifer Frank, MD, FAAFP, is a family physician in private practice in northeastern Wisconsin, and in perpetual search of the elusive work-life balance that she's heard so much about. She is a mother of four, whose husband, also a physician, is a stay-at-home dad.

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For one doctor, the EHR can visualize the amount of work that is done by a physician on a daily — and nightly — basis.


In the era of qualitative analysis, one doctor says that a physician-patient cannot be gauged by statistical measures. These measures miss the point.


As the medical community grapples with opioid prescription, one doctor says she has seen first-hand that these medications do not cure chronic pain.

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We are constantly learning as doctors and patients are the ones who are doing the teaching. They tell us everything we need to know.


The most difficult conversation that this doctor' faces is when she declines to prescribe inappropriate antibiotics for a patient who wants them.


A disagreement by providers on a diagnosis often comes at the expense of the patient. Doctors must support each other, even when they're not on the same page.

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Why are more physicians experiencing burnout? The answer doesn’t lie in practicing medicine, but rather in checking boxes and meeting compliance.


Everyone wants to fill in the blanks based on what we assume is true. However, when doctors do that to diagnosis a patient, it can be dangerous.

Some patients are noncompliant or habitual no shows to appointments. However, terminating a patient is easier said than done.

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When redesigning a practice to improve efficiency, it’s important for this doctor to institute a model that maintains closer relations with patients.


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