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Jon Carter

Jon Carter

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Why everyone is on one side of the waiting room.

Benefits of team-based care.

To his physicians dismay, a patient pulled out all of the stops when asked to talk about his family history.

Miracle drugs may not exist in the truest sense of the term, but any drug that comes with an easy co-pay is a miracle drug in this doctors eyes.

Radiologists see everything.

What happens when a patient presents with a condition that there is currently no billing code in the system for? This doctor finds out the hard way.

Support and defend the credit policy.

This doc found out the hard way that medical coding for a single patient can be a cumbersome time suck.

Downside to renting equipment.

Activity trackers can provide users with statistics on how active they have been, but the devices are too unreliable to help a physician in an exam room.


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