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Jon Carter

Jon Carter

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This doc found out the hard way that medical coding for a single patient can be a cumbersome time suck.

Downside to renting equipment.

Activity trackers can provide users with statistics on how active they have been, but the devices are too unreliable to help a physician in an exam room.

Making imaging more fun.

This physician has a clever way to ensure nobody can gain access to the files on his computer.

Doctors and their staff are vulnerable to computer viruses, one of the few things they didn't learn to diagnose and treat in medical school.

A new way to reach patients in radiology.

Having a short and sweet medical record is one way to make your doctor's job easier. This doctor found a patient that he especially loves.

It'd be nice to ask a new patient about their family history with malpractice lawsuits. Unfortunately, that's not allowed, as this physician finds out.

Our favorite patients in radiology.


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