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Marion K. Jenkins, PhD, FHIMSS

Marion K. Jenkins, PhD, FHIMSS

Marion K. Jenkins, PhD, FHIMSS, heads up a graduate healthcare IT program at the University of Denver. He is also chief strategy officer of 3t Systems, a complete healthcare IT services company which includes consulting, managed services, and secure cloud hosting. 3t Systems also specializes in healthcare workflow and HIPAA Security.  E-mail him here.

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The debate over pros and cons of health IT persist, but to find success in your medical practice you need one key element: buy-in from the key players.

Here's some observations from my walkabout with 38,000 of my closest friends in healthcare IT, better known as the HIMSS14 Conference recently held in Orlando.

There are many myths about cloud IT services. Here, we dispel the major ones and provide a checklist for those considering a trip to the cloud.

Recent technology advances make cloud hosting an attractive option for healthcare. But HIPAA compliance is not automatic.

Worried about potential HIPAA security breaches? You don’t need to worry about your EHR …and that’s the problem.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This video is worth about a million words.

ICD-10 provides many needed attributes, but some of the data being collected seems way too excessive for practices.

While EHR adoption continues to increase, there are significant hurdles left to overcome, and the healthcare industry has a long way to go to catch up.

The latest statistics in the Physicians Practice Technology Survey indicate some surprising insights on EHR adoption among medical practices.

It’s not healthcare, it’s sick-care, and it’s not a system, so it can’t be broken.


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