Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt, JD, is a Dallas-based health lawyer with the firm of Friedman & Feiger, representing physicians, practices, and others in cases involving Stark Law, state and federal regulations, Medicare fraud and abuse compliance, as well as transactions and contracts. E-mail him here.



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If properly done, a health law opinion letter may insulate physicians from prosecution or penalties associated with their investment decisions.

If the government can make it appear that doctors are getting rich from Medicare payments, it will be easy to garner support to cut physician payments in the future.

Ten tips for physicians facing the hospital peer review process.

Payers know that correctly writing down every patient encounter is difficult for physicians, if not impossible. Therefore, exploiting this is easy for them.

Any way you look at it, the hope that individuals will actually buy into the private purchase of health plans seems largely misplaced.

Financial planner Jason Hull shares tips for physicians considering starting concierge medical practices.

Some patients are disqualified from help obtaining health insurance coverage because they simultaneously earn too much, and too little.

An August FTC complaint against a medical laboratory indicates that medical practices could soon face more angst when HIPAA breaches occur.

As more practices implement EHRs, more are employing medical records scribes. Here's why your practice might want to consider it.

No matter how cleverly structured, schemes to circumvent Stark Law are risky for physicians, and the consequences of failing to comply can be devastating.


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