Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt

Martin Merritt, JD, is a Dallas-based health lawyer with the firm of Friedman & Feiger, representing physicians, practices, and others in cases involving Stark Law, state and federal regulations, Medicare fraud and abuse compliance, as well as transactions and contracts. E-mail him here.



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State case ruling indicates that patients may lack standing to successfully sue practices for potential damages due to a HIPAA breach.

Hospitals are not only marking up and selling 340B-discounted drugs, but also buying up clinics to take advantage of the discount – a clear "progress trap."

Payers can no longer exclude patients due to pre-existing conditions, so they are resorting to other tactics.

Veterans may soon be able to seek care from private providers for up to two years, if they face long wait times at VA facilities.

Let's take the mystery out of business associate agreements. Here's when you need to use them and why.

When it comes to understanding why we need HIPAA compliance, government regulators are on one side of a very wide river, and physicians are on the other.

The "recredentialing trap," strict payment reviews, and fingerprinting are all underway or on the horizon as ways payers are bullying physicians.

In medical practice, a cottage industry has developed, which is dedicated solely to legal “fault finding” without regard to equity.

Many articles describe the benefits of health reform, but look closely and it's clear that problems are mounting for physicians and the healthcare system.

If you are a physician, be mindful that payments to a commissioned sales force for the referral or recommendation of business can be illegal.


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