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Mary Christ, MD, MBA

Mary Christ, MD, MBA

Mary Christ, MD, MBA, is the Medical Leader of Nestle Health Science's e-Health Incubator--a collaborative think tank accelerating digital solutions in the personalized nutrition ecosystem.  Mary is a member of the Physicians Practice Advisory Board.

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"The Waiting Room Rule" is one way to determine whether or not you are getting too close with a patient and showing favoritism.

Mary Christ, MD, MBA

Burnout and McDonald's popular burger are a lot like — in that both can be avoided if you don't succumb to the temptation. Here's how.

Dr. Mary Christ

One physician shares her sister's experiences in getting care from a nurse practitioner and how it shaped the way she thought about their profession.

Healthcare information technology has ushered in a new era in medicine in which the doctor-patient relationship is taking a backseat to the doctor-technology relationship.

Physician Mary Christ expresses skepticism about the expanding roles for nurse practitioners.

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