Melissa Young, MD

Melissa Young, MD

Melissa Young, MD, FACE, FACP, is an endocrinologist in private practice, an assistant clinical professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and a working suburban mother of two in Freehold, N.J.




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Medical supply companies need to stop cold calling patients offering them medical equipment without a physician's order, and trying to trick busy doctors.

Those friendly reminders; you get them every day--Mrs X hasn't refilled a scrip; Mr J needs an eye exam; Ms Q may be noncompliant with her ARB. Listen, I promise I DO know what the guidelines say!

It is my medical practice's fifth anniversary. Here are eight things I've learned about myself and running a business.

"When I went to school, all we had was insulin and sulfonylureas...metformin was a big deal when it came out." With new drugs approved every year now, how do you decide when to try them?

In order to help patients with diabetes who need my services most, I've implemented some pre-screening efforts to help prioritize our patient panel.

Online support groups, YouTube videos on injection technique, healthy lifestyle sites--good patient information abounds on the Web. But so do the bad and the ugly. I try to help my patients discriminate; I'm not always successful.

Unless a member of the medical practice team is intimately involved in the cash flow process, they probably don't know what is affordable for the practice.

There is a fine line between being an educated patient advocate, and being a know-it-all family member who is in the medical field.

Usually, an employee leaving is bittersweet. But one recent departure was just bitter given the employee's behavior leading up to and following her resignation.

Someone tell me when a physician's relationship with a patient starts and how far does the physician's responsibility go until the patient receives care.


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