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Melissa Young, MD

Melissa Young, MD

Melissa Young, MD, FACE, FACP, is an endocrinologist in private practice, an assistant clinical professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and a working suburban mother of two in Freehold, N.J.




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Being a working parent means that, unfortunately, my kids and I both have to miss things that would enrich us both. How do others do it?

How will pay-for-performance affect specialists who treat the more challenging patients? Our blogger shares her thoughts and concerns.


We continue to strive to provide good patient care, but there are only so many hours in a day, and patient tears won't make those hours multiply.

Our blogger shares her hope that the potentially life-saving continuous glucose sensors will soon be covered by all health plans.


A series of symptoms has left me, a physician, experiencing a series of frustrations as a patient.

Our endo blogger has her theories about why doing what you thought you loved just seems to sap your soul.

How do you educate a referring physician, or any colleague, without sounding judgmental? I’m not sure you can. Here’s how I tried.

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Physicians with different personalities; who are too similar; and with varying workloads are just three reasons partnerships don't work out.

Hospital staff or other physicians would never consider changing a chemo or dialysis order. But when it comes to insulin, it’s open season. This needs to stop.

Would I like to be friendly with all the referring docs? Sure. But I won't compromise patient care for the sake of camaraderie.


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