Melissa Young, MD

Melissa Young, MD

Melissa Young, MD, FACE, FACP, is an endocrinologist in private practice, an assistant clinical professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and a working suburban mother of two in Freehold, N.J.

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Getting patients to understand hospital privileges — and what I can do for them when admitted — is often a difficult discussion.

Sometimes insurance companies get between patients and their physicians; especially this time of year when health plans make changes.

Pulling strings, asking for professional courtesy, whatever you want to call it, it can put physicians in a very awkward position.

As a physician practicing where I live, I often interact with patients outside the office. Shouldn't I, and others, get compensated for that time?

A recent interaction involving a patient's mother makes me wonder why we can't dismiss family members and if there's a lawsuit on my horizon.

If I can make it to the office in bad weather, and patients can make it, when do I require staff to also show up vs. stay home?

Patient no-shows: Most medical practices want to avoid them, but sometimes I hope they happen in the best interests of my office.

A recent discussion with my medical practice staff regarding working Christmas Eve has left me feeling less like Santa and more like Scrooge.

When a patient needs expensive translation services, is there an alternative to paying for them and taking a revenue loss?

From getting prior authorizations to requesting refills, physicians often struggle with what to handle and what to assign.


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