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Michael Sacopulos, JD

Michael Sacopulos, JD

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Two recently settled cases can serve as important lessons for physicians on the proper methods of successful asset protection.

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A Deputy Attorney General shares experiences and offers advice for physicians who face a Medial Licensing Board.

A lot of things can lead to a malpractice lawsuit. Here are 10 mistakes seen by an attorney with experience in helping docs avoid suits in the first place.


Healthcare organizations are perfect candidates for cyber-attacks, practices need to step-up and meet protection challenges.


An information technology developed for financial transactions could one day improve patient privacy in healthcare.

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Creating, implementing, and enforcing a social media policy at your medical practice is a must in 2017.


Every business needs two social media policies: One for its official social media communications, and one for employees' personal social media communications.


Most think only their facility and job accommodations are required to be under compliance by ADA. Your practice's website must be too.


It's time to get serious about your compliance plan for improper coding and billing issues and overpayments. Here are five actions to take.

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Everyone should know about CMS' rule about repaying overpayments within 60 days. What about private payers?

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