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Michael Woo-Ming, MD

Michael Woo-Ming, MD

Michael Woo-MingMichael Woo-Ming

Michael Woo-Ming, MD MPH, is a family physician / entrepreneur, and founder of RepMD.com, a medical marketing consultancy firm helping physicians and clinics improve their ROI and increase their practice revenue, by attracting new patients via the Internet. E-mail him here.

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If executed properly, an open house can draw new patients into your practice while spreading your reputation throughout the community.


A physician uses his search for a new dentist as an opportunity to evaluate his own practice's marketing.

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Video marketing can be an effective way to attract new patients and boost your online presence, here are some tips to be successful.


You only get once chance at a first impression, here are seven must-haves for a successful and engaging practice website homepage.


Altering patient focus can help physicians re-ignite their fire and stave off burnout.


This doctor's practice found out he was failing at social media. He offers three suggestions that could help you avoid this fate.

A physician's online reputation is a valuable resource, so if it is not properly managed, it could lead to both professional and financial difficulties.

Your reputation is one of the most important aspects of your medical career, and taking steps to improve it will have a much larger impact than you may realize.

Starting a physician blog can provide your medical practice with marketing benefits, but it's important to do it right.

Google+ is a new social media tool that's worth trying, along with Facebook and Twitter.


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