Owen Dahl

Owen Dahl

Owen Dahl

Owen Dahl, FACHE, LSSMBB, is a nationally recognized medical practice-management consultant and author of “Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits,” “The Medical Practice Disaster Planning Workbook,” and coauthor of “Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice: Improving Profitability by Improving Processes.” He can be reached at or 281 367 3364.

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Administrators and physicians are both leaders. While each role is important and unique, in order to be most effective, they need to work together.

Applying lean thinking is becoming more prevalent as declining reimbursements and health reform pressures drive practices to operate more efficiently and at lower cost.

If you are an independently minded physician, take heart. There is a way to work with new quality standards and still retain your autonomy.

Practice administrators should consider more than just the top-line revenue. It's all about effectively managing your resources.

Time is limited and money is tight. How can your practice morph into a new practice model and still ensure that it is paid adequately for patient services?

Excellent customer service should be a benchmark for your office, to ensure the happiness of both your patients and employees.

Strategic planning as a process implies a look at the future and anticipation of changes. Your practice mission statement, values, and past performance will all dictate how your practice will respond to future events.

Medical practices have traditionally focused on patient care, leaving the business end to administrators. Now, as health reform advances, practice models are rapidly changing. Here's how to embrace the changes.

Reducing patient cycle time and improving patient satisfaction can both be accomplished if you improve your practice's communication channels.

It is vital that practices have systematic ways to address patient collections; the following strategies can help your practice collect all that it is due.


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