Pamela Wible, MD

Pamela Wible, MD

Dr Wible is a family physician born into a family of physicians. She has developed a model for change in healthcare delivery that first asks a community what it wants and needs from the healthcare experience. Her model for the “ideal clinic” is taught in graduate medical curricula.


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For this young physician in India, reading an article on physician suicide was “the best thing” in his day. There is one thing, he says, that keeps him moving forward.

“Maybe (like me) you just want to know why our colleagues die by suicide at twice the rate of their patients” asks this family physician. Here: results from 4 “psychological autopsies.”

Health insurance is complex. Eating out is easy—unless you were to involve your health insurance company.

Pamela Wible, MD, is a family physician in solo practice in Oregon. She accepts most insurance plans. But, to protect herself, her practice, and her patients, she is very clear on what type of contract she will not sign.

Here, 12 reasons why physicians could use a little TLC. Tell us how many ring true for you.

A miscarriage, the spontaneous expulsion of a fetus from the womb before it is able to survive on its own, ends 1 in 5 pregnancies.

Unhappy with the state of her practice, this doc decided to ask her patients what they wanted.

A psychiatrist in Seattle had picked out the bridge. At 3 AM he would swerve across his lane and plunge into the water. Everyone would assume he fell asleep. An airtight suicide plan. But this doc survived. Why?

Most doctors are burned out, overworked, or exhausted. Physicians rarely ask for help.

A seasoned family physician remembers the day she met her mentor, Dr McLarty—a 70-year-old cowboy who was eating Metamucil wafers while puffing on a pipe. He wore Wrangler corduroys and a crew cut with some gray hairs shooting through. With his thick Texas twang, he slurred his words together around southern slangisms and medical anecdotes.


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