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Pamela Wible, MD

Pamela Wible, MD

Dr Wible is a family physician born into a family of physicians. She pioneered the first ideal clinic designed entirely by patients. Her ideal clinic model is taught in graduate medical curricula and has been featured on major media outlets. Dr Wible is active in physician suicide prevention and hosts physician retreats to help physicians heal from trauma and learn the business strategies required to launch their own ideal clinics. She blogs at IdealMedicalCare.org.


Posts by Author

Clinician mental health advocate Pamela Wible, MD, has drafted The 10 Commandments for Medical Educators. Your comments welcomed.

At TEDMED, medicine's version of TEDTalks, Dr Pam Wible talks in earnest about physician suicide--and how to stop it.

A young doctor writes of the horror she felt at learning about the apparent suicide of a medical resident who lived in her building.

Any doc can do it: First, do NOT touch the patient, but DO check all EHR boxes for ROS and PE; also, do be sure to Rx yoga.

A physician says she has lied on job applications about treatment for postpartum depression. Is that really necessary?

The title of her upcoming book, these words also describe a personal mission for Pamela Wible, MD.

Physicians and students speak out about how to step back, even step out if you need to, and reimagine your passion for healing.

AMA VP Christine Sinsky, MD, interviews Dr Wible about physician suicide, barriers to mental health care for physicians, and potential solutions.

Is there an alternative to practicing "churn-and-burn" medicine? Yes, says Dr Pamela Wible, and she will explain.

"I have lost my joy and my soul is sad. I never used to feel this way about medicine." Dr Pamela Wible offers her Rx.


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