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Rebecca Fox, MD

Rebecca Fox, MD

Rebecca Fox, MD is the co-owner of a pediatric practice in Northern Virginia. She completed undergraduate and medical education at the University of Kansas and did her pediatric residency at Cornel Medical College.  Fox is interested in yoga, German Shepherd dogs, and is a fiber artist (weaving, knitting and handspinning) who regularly publishes in various weaving magazines.  E-mail her here.

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The big bang of ICD-10 has happened. Practices should focus on getting reimbursement from third-party payers and clearing up any issues.


While excellent care is important, the way to build lasting patient relationships is through a knowledgeable, well-trained, and friendly staff.


Here are ten potential ideas to reward your staff for enduring the stress of the ICD-10 transition.


Here are four tips to heed if you don’t want a personal incident to damage your practice’s reputation.


Do you have a plan if one of your partners in your medical group retires? If not, start devising one today.

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While dismissing a staff member from your practice can be unpleasant, it is vital that you, as the physician leader, be involved.

Our office has a dress code, but we like to have fun as a pediatric practice. So when it comes to formal rules, are you strict or do you allow silly?


Good news: My practice is switching to an iPad-enabled EHR. Bad news: I may never truly be off-duty again since I'll always be connected.

Retail clinics are here to stay. Increasing your patients' access to your medical office will help direct them back to your practice.

I hate to think that medicine will become like a cookbook, because there are so many things that just don’t fit inside the box.


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