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Robert Lamberts, MD

Robert Lamberts, MD

Robert Lamberts, MDRobert Lamberts, MD

Robert Lamberts, MD, who is board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics, practices in Augusta, Ga. In October, 2012, he left his "traditional" primary-care practice and opened a cash-only "direct care" practice.  His writings on this and other topics can be read on his popular blog, "Musings of a Distractible Mind." Dr. Lamberts can be reached at rob.lamberts@gmail.com.

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This primary-care physician has successfully used social media to spread the good word about his cash-only practice.

Robert Lamberts, MD

Making the jump to direct primary care isn't going to generate changes overnight, but this doctor says it was worth it.

Patients come to a direct-pay practice for improved access to physicians. In order to deliver on that promise, a physician must have the right tools.

After converting to a direct-pay practice two years ago, this physician has learned a thing or two and is glad he made the change.

Fifteen months into a direct-pay practice, this physician recommends building a financial reserve first for any physician considering a similar path.

While the decision to change to a direct-pay practice can be the most difficult one a physician can make, there is a second decision that is nearly as difficult: What to charge for services.

I am now nearly a year out from opening a direct-pay practice. I have not gone bankrupt or crazy. Here are some important things I've learned.

Despite being an early and enthusiastic pioneer in EHR adoption, this physician decided that he couldn't continue business as usual.

Electronic communication between healthcare providers has the potential to radically change healthcare. Referring physicians, consultants, and patients all stand to gain from its use; so why are physicians hesitating?

Done well, clinical summaries can help you communicate better, satisfy patients, and qualify for the MU bonus.


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