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Sarah Q. Wirskye

Sarah Q. Wirskye

Sarah Q. Wirskye is a partner with Dallas-based law firm Meadows, Collier, et. al. Her practice concentrates on healthcare, tax, and securities fraud. Ms. Wirskye is also a certified public accountant. E-mail her here.

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A recent report from HHS warns physicians about improper use of their EHRs, especially the copy-paste function.

Health IT and its data is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for the federal government in combating potential healthcare fraud nationwide.

You may not equate a HIPAA violation with a cybercrime, but if you have patient records, you need to secure and protect that information electronically.

It is imperative that procedures are implemented or modified to identify overpayments at your medical practice to avoid a False Claims Act violation.

Business practices generally accepted in other industries can be illegal in healthcare, so it is important to be sure you are in compliance.

Want to know what the government looks for in healthcare fraud investigations? Here's some conduct you may want to avoid at your medical practice.

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