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Shelly K. Schwartz

Shelly K. Schwartz

Shelly K. Schwartz, a freelance writer in Maplewood, N.J., has covered personal finance, technology, and healthcare for more than 17 years. Her work has appeared on CNBC.com, CNNMoney.com, and Bankrate.com. She can be reached via editor@physicianspractice.com.

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Once more prevalent in hospitals, this management model brings together an administrator with a physician leader to jointly oversee a division of care providers.

Dyad leadership allows physicians and managers to support each other while dividing and conquering the workload.

Doctors are patients too, and sometimes use medical marijuana. But they can also face dire consequences from employers.

If your practice is located in a state where medical marijuana is legal, make sure you know the risks before prescribing.

Millennials are taking the workforce by storm, but how can practices ensure they retain these talented, younger staff members?

With a shortage of physicians, doctors coming right out of medical school are the future. That's why it's important to keep them any way you can.

How can you tell a prospect is someone you should absolutely hire? What about when someone should be fired? Here are five tips to help.

In order for practices to maximize reimbursement in a value-based environment, clinicians and office managers must be on the same page.

Administrators must assert themselves, even if they’re in an awkward position as the head of business operations that still reports to a physician.

To reap the rewards of government incentives in full, practices must fulfill all meaningful use requirements — and potentially survive an audit.


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