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Stephen H. Hanson, PA-C

Stephen H. Hanson, PA-C

Stephen H. Hanson, MPA, PA-C, DFAAPA, is a 30-year PA currently practicing in Bakersfield, Calif., in plastic and reconstructive surgery with the Grossman Burn Centers. Hanson has served in many specialties during the span of his career including public health, OB/GYN, occupational injury, urgent care and emergency medicine. E-mail him here.



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Improving EHR documentation will be an essential way to combat the recent trend of upcoding that has gotten the attention of the federal government.

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As the PA profession gets younger, the adoption of EHRs has become easier at practices which employ them. This has helped increase adoption rates.


Good customer service means a lot in healthcare and one hospital recently showed the power and importance of the “human moment” in healthcare.


The NCCPA recently proposed more CAQs for PAs in specialty areas of medicine and may make them mandatory. This is a bad idea, says one provider.

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In the era of team-based healthcare, it’s important for PAs to be used to the fullest of their capabilities. Here are six elements to make that happen.


As healthcare continues its transition to the digital world, patient is a virtue and flexibility is vital when it comes to leveraging the EHR.


Are EHRs becoming more end-user friendly? This provider has seen recent proof that this might actually be happening.


With ICD-10 rapidly approaching, our resident PA, Stephen Hanson looks at the importance of EHR usability in the transition.


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