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Stephen McCallister, CPHIT

Stephen McCallister, CPHIT

Stephen McCallister, CPHITStephen McCallister, CPHIT

Stephen McCallister, CPEHR, CPHIT, is a health information technology consultant with over 20 years’ experience managing technology for healthcare organizations.  As chief information officer, he planned and implemented IT systems for multiple practice mergers, served as HIPAA Security Officer, and lead numerous projects -- including a successful 30-site three state EHR implementation. He has conducted training sessions on technology topics for both IT and non-IT audiences. McCallister may be reached at steve.mccallister@frontier.com.


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Remote access to your practice's systems is a must this day and age, which means remotely securing this access is a must as well.


Many practices don't address potential ergonomics issues until it's too late and someone has chronic pain or injury. This is a mistake.

If you are considering moving to cloud computing, your likelihood of success will be greatly increased if you ask the right questions beforehand. Here's where to start.

Wireless networking is a great fit for a medical practice. But, before you go live, you should think about security and reliability issues first.

Stephen McCallister, CPHIT

The top reasons healthcare data is breached are totally avoidable through low-hanging methods of security.

No matter how small your practice is, it's important to put technical and human safeguards in place now to protect your data.

Small practices can take steps to avoid being hit with ransomware. The key focus should be on implementing technical safeguards and working with staff.

Setting a concise, yet comprehensive, practice policy on social media use protects not only your patients but staff members as well.

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