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Steven Podnos, MD, CFP

Steven Podnos, MD, CFP

Steven Podnos, MD, CFP, is a critical care physician and fee-only financial planner.  He is the principal of Wealth Care LLC in Central Florida.   E-mail him here.



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The topic is complex, but understanding rising interest rates is important when evaluating fixed income investments.


I'm often asked how much life insurance physicians require and what type I recommend. Here are my answers.

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Here are some common financial questions I'm asked that I frankly don't know the answer to, as well as a few I do have guidance on.


Here's a look at the ups and downs of low interest rates and what they mean for physician investors.


Leaving assets can be particularly tricky with spendthrift heirs or those with personal issues. Here are two financial vehicles to consider.

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The stock market has significant scrutiny and regulation. Side investments, however, are a different story, so be careful where you invest your money.


The jungle of financial service professionals is a dense one. Here's how to navigate your way out of danger.

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There is a "big three" of financial planning that are musts for young physicians beginning their careers.


Looking at your investment statements leads to emotions, which can lead to financially injurious behavior by physicians.

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There are three choices physicians need to make when it comes to investing in municipal bonds. Here's what to consider first.


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