Steven Podnos, MD, CFP

Steven Podnos, MD, CFP

Steven Podnos, MD, CFP, is a critical care physician and fee-only financial planner.  He is the principal of Wealth Care LLC in Central Florida.   E-mail him here.



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Many doctors experience a large gap between what they typically earn and their disability benefits. Here are five strategies to better protect yourself.

Asset protection is an increasing concern for many doctors. Not understanding that a large IRA inherited from a parent is vulnerable could be a tragic error.

Making smart financial decisions differs greatly from making smart medical and treatment decisions.

During the assessment phase of financial planning, the physician's financial planner will provide recommendations that may lead to a more cohesive and thought out structure.

The objective phase of financial planning for physicians requires addressing specific financial topics and assessing important documents.

I’m repeatedly surprised by the lack of a good plan when I first sit down with medical families, and I think everyone should know what to expect.

It is shameful that there is no regulation on who can be called a financial adviser. Luckily, there are some credentials to look for that suggest a strong background.

The different compensation arrangements physicians might encounter when interacting with financial planners, as well as what costs are reasonable.

Insurance is often a physician's most expensive annual purchase, yet many pay too much and have inadequate coverage.

Make sure you are selecting the right individuals to help you thrive financially. Here are three tips.


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