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Susanne Madden

Susanne Madden

Susanne Madden, MBA, is founder and CEO of The Verden Group, a consulting and business intelligence firm that specializes in practice management, physician education, and healthcare policy. She is also COO, National Breastfeeding Center, and cofounder, Patient Centered Solutions. She can be reached at madden@theverdengroup.com or by visiting www.theverdengroup.com.

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Patients want in-demand service. Here are a few ways to provide that to them at your practice.


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The term "value-based care" has been thrown around a lot. What does it mean to you and your practice?

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Successfully participating in MIPS or an APM will depend on meeting new measures and thresholds. Here are six key points to consider.

While MSOs can provide resources and administrative support for practices, it is critical to understand different contract provisions.

Reporting for value-based care initiatives like MACRA will start in less than a year. Smaller physician groups should be thinking about joining forces now.

Some medical practices are cutting out insurance companies and providing services directly to employers, thereby reducing overhead and cost to patients.


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