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Wayne Lipton

Wayne Lipton

Wayne Lipton has more than 35 years of experience in healthcare and business, including the past seven years as founder and managing partner of Concierge Choice Physicians LLC. He has conducted hundreds of seminars on full-model and hybrid concierge practices. E-mail him here.

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Much has been made about the "woman's card" lately in the news. Does a woman's card exist in medicine?

With the drive to consolidate healthcare delivery, physicians are more often required to refer patients to in-network specialists.

Much like the airlines, hybrid concierge care patients value an enhanced service experience and are willing to pay for it.

A new Medicare initiative will reimburse physicians for episodes of care, rather than individual procedures. A hybrid concierge model could preserve income.


When it comes to incentivizing primary-care physicians towards value-based care, concierge care provides a better path than government initiatives.

Many industries survey their customers to find out how effectively they are meeting their needs. Medicine is no different.

Physicians looking to ACOs to solve their revenue challenges need to study the numbers carefully.

While there are concerns over physician shortages, the marketplace is adapting to provide options for physicians and patients.

There are alternatives to quitting or changing jobs for experienced physicians wary of current changes in healthcare delivery.

Large medical groups are beginning to explore the pros, cons, and feasibility of concierge medicine.


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