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Wayne Lipton

Wayne Lipton

Wayne Lipton has more than 35 years of experience in healthcare and business, including the past seven years as founder and managing partner of Concierge Choice Physicians LLC. He has conducted hundreds of seminars on full-model and hybrid concierge practices. E-mail him here.

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Concierge medicine is one model a private practice physician should consider if finances become tight.

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The practice of medicine is quantifiable in many ways, not just dollar value.


The uncertainties surrounding health legislation are going to mean uncomfortable times for physicians who want to map out their practice's immediate future.


Cardiology practices can avoid the headaches of today's healthcare system through the viable alternative of concierge care.


Physicians are being preoccupied with more and more requirements, which is unfortunate. Their time is precious, for many reasons.

Noncompliant patients could hurt physician quality scores under MACRA and reduce their compensation. How will that affect the doctor-patient relationship?

A new survey finds that disillusioned doctors are struggling to adapt to changing delivery and payment models. Hybrid concierge provides a way out.

Medicare's new payment program under MACRA will place pressure on independent physician practices, as they compete for limited Medicare bonuses.

Physicians continue to merge with larger groups to gain economies of scale and offload administrative burdens, but often, professional satisfaction wanes.

Many physicians are considering a private care model in response to growing pains stemming from healthcare reform. But how long can they function without oversight?


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