Wayne Lipton

Wayne Lipton

Wayne Lipton has more than 35 years of experience in healthcare and business, including the past seven years as founder and managing partner of Concierge Choice Physicians LLC. He has conducted hundreds of seminars on full-model and hybrid concierge practices. E-mail him here.

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If you're considering concierge medicine, do you become a DIY-er, or do you look to experts?

With revenues plummeting and overhead increasing, cardiologists are considering concierge medicine too, to help them stay afloat.

Family physicians like to have a balance of older and younger patients. Hybrid-concierge models can help provide a broader range of patients.

It is feasible and often desirable for NPs to participate in concierge programs. But be careful, you need to explore the issue fully before proceeding.

Technology continues to be promoted as a way to increase efficiencies; but will doctors lose that important human contact and touch as it grows?

Many medical practices today are sick; it's time to quit avoiding the symptoms and look for the cure.

Concierge can work for some specialties. But many parts must fit together to find success.

More patients are turning to concierge medicine to get the healthcare services they want and to maintain their choice of physicians.

When it comes to healthcare, new practice models seem to be cropping up daily. Some of these models are bumping into a seemingly intransigent force — large insurance companies.

TV shows portray concierge doctors at the beck and call of the very rich. Nothing could be farther from reality; concierge medicine is for a wider patient base.


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