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Getting Paid for Value: Defining New Reimbursement Models

As fee-for-service declines, more payers are exploring value-based reimbursement models. And while many physicians are hesitant to embrace such models, experts say a proactive approach is the best course.

PLUS: The results of our annual Fee Schedule Survey are here. See where your practice stacks up when it comes to payment for top codes.

Fee Schedule Survey

There are several things to consider before making a change from a traditional practice model.

A new year yields new resolutions. Here are my personal goals for change in 2015, as well as how I hope the healthcare system will change.

Keeping track of contract renewals can be tedious, but there are many techniques medical practices can use to simplify the task.

CMS has finally given physicians a glimpse of its plans to expand reimbursement for telehealth services provided to Medicare beneficiaries.

Many of our patients employ treatments that we would never recommend, and others refuse treatments that we do recommend. Here's how we deal at our practice.

A new survey reveals most physicians feel Medicare quality improvement programs are ineffective, too complex, and too burdensome for physicians and staff.

Here are two key areas where CMS could make adjustments to home health regulations that would benefit not just home health, but the industry in general.


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