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RX for Design

Tired of the same old layout at your practice? If you are considering a redesign or building a new space, one to fit modern work flows and technologies, make sure you ask the right questions before starting the job. Here is a helpful guide that will get you started.

Managers Administrators

The fundamental challenge of strategic planning is to reconcile the tension between the desire for preparation and the need for flexibility.


Dr. Hoffman looks at what it takes to have a competent, successful staff when you own your own practice.

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Do you have a staff member that is under-performing? Use a performance improvement plan to get them back on track.

Finding the right practice manager or administrator is essential to the health of your medical practice.

Mark Hertling

In part two of our interview with Retired Lt. General, Mark Hertling, he talks about why physicians and administrators are often not on the same page.

Physicians may understand they need help with certain practice issues, but may not know to go about securing that help. Here's how to get started.

Mark Hertling

Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling talks with Physicians Practice about his transition from the military battlefield to healthcare in this two-part Q&A.


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