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Tired of the same old layout at your practice? If you are considering a redesign or building a new space, one to fit modern work flows and technologies, make sure you ask the right questions before starting the job. Here is a helpful guide that will get you started.

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Changing responsibilities and differing ways of relating to patients can make burnout worse for older physicians.


Don't just hold a meeting with your staff members for the sake of holding a meeting. Here are tips to make sure the meetings are productive.

While physician burnout seems to be endemic, it doesn't mean that steps can't be taken to improve working conditions.

Dawn Morton-Rias, EdD, PA-C

Testing is more than an objective measure of knowledge. Certification tests are also valuable learning tools that are more effective than study alone.

How can administrators bring together physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses, and create a culture of collaboration?

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What are some reports you can run to track the health of the billing and collection process of your practice, and how can this data be used to determine the effectiveness of your practice manager?


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