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Good manners lead to highly satisfied patients. To ensure you are practicing great etiquette at your practice, we assembled 15 tips.

#1. Introduce yourself — even if you are wearing a name tag, even if you are the third or fourth person to see patients during their visits, and even if they might never see you again or remember your name.

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Managers Administrators

Clear and well-respected boundaries between medical practice managers and physicians are essential. Here's how to better define them.

A medical practice director who worked hard to prepare for ICD-10 implementation says the delay comes at a heavy cost.

Physicians and administrators can significantly improve their leadership skills by making these small changes.

Thoughtful offboarding of a locum tenens physician will ensure continuity of care for patients and maximize the financial benefit to your medical practice.

Administrators and physicians are both leaders. While each role is important and unique, in order to be most effective, they need to work together.

Medical school taught you to practice medicine, not how to manage your staff. Here's a crash course.

Investing time and attention in the medical practice staff hiring process reduces costs and boosts staff retention.


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