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Docs' Biggest Medical Regrets

We'd like to only remember the good things we've done in life and forget the bad, but that's not how our minds work. Everyone lives with a few regrets from their personal lives and careers. We asked a few doctors to share some of their biggest regrets in medicine.



Medical practices must make it a point to periodically review payer websites and make sure that their information is correct.

Nearly half of physicians do not monitor their online reputations. Experts say that is a big mistake.


The mobile market is growing at an incredible rate and physicians will have to pay attention to this medium when marketing their practice.

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Happy and satisfied patients are a secret marketing weapon for healthcare providers. Convert your happiest patients to be brand advocates.


Relationship marketing should be an everyday component of a physician’s efforts to improve patient relations. Here are some tips to make it happen.

Saroj Misra, DO

The ability of patients to evaluate physicians online is a reality that all doctors must face. So why don't you meet it head on?

Patients nowadays will most likely search for a new physician online. Here's how to make sure they find great results about you and your practice.


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