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Master Your Reviews

Physicians are increasingly being reviewed online, through sites like Yelp, Vitals, and others. How can you ensure that your practice doesn't get a bad rating?



Are you trying to build up a practice in a new community? Here are five ways to attract patients.


From finding new patients to interacting with current ones, social media can help a doctor improve the patient experience.


A physician lends his advice on running successful pay-per-click advertising campaigns, while warning of pitfalls from past experiences.


Email marketing is a great way to gain new customers, here are some tips to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Your patients and staff members are your best marketing tool. Get them to be "super fans" of you and your practice.


The days of putting your practice in the Yellow Pages or advertising through a newspaper are over. Here are some innovative marketing techniques.


A physician uses his search for a new dentist as an opportunity to evaluate his own practice's marketing.


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