Many doctors feel that promoting their practice is unprofessional. Instead, think of it as a way to help you provide excellent care to established and potential patients.

As more Hispanics immigrate to the United States, it's time for medical practices to reconsider their traditional marketing efforts.

Doctors and their practices are similar to any product or service: They represent a brand, and like all products or services, that brand must be protected.

Here are five marketing tips that work like magic to grow your patient base, through engaging with your community.

As the digital space continues to change, medical practices must change their marketing approaches as well.

A former boss once said to me, “Medicine is all about the docs.” Indeed it is, but the staff that supports the docs determines how patients feel about the practice.

While J&J is a product-based company, its methods of connecting with consumers can easily be translated to medical practices. Here are four strategies.


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