If you can't ignore a bad online patient review and are considering a defamation suit vs. a patient, here are three things to consider first.

Building up your medical practice's social media network, and even acquiring new patients through that network, may be easier than you think.

Retail clinics are here to stay. Increasing your patients' access to your medical office will help direct them back to your practice.

A designer waiting room will surely impress new patients, but will not affect the quality of care you provide. Make sure you focus on meaningful metrics.

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If you can't ignore an online review and it is extremely damaging to your reputation as a physician, there are steps you can take to try to remove it.

Facebook can be a powerful tool to market your practice to the local community. Here are six tips to get started.

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If a patient posts a negative review of you or your practice after a visit, there are six key elements you need to prove for it to truly be defamatory.


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