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Eight Time-Saving Tools for Physicians

Eight Time-Saving Tools for Physicians

As the face-to-face time physicians can spend with patients falls, these eight tools can help physicians maximize their patient visits.

Download a PDF file of the slideshow here.

Physicians Practice


I wanted to open the 8 time-saving tools & I could not do so. :/

Gayla @


Try clicking on the link above to download a PDF file of the presentation. If this does not work either, please e-mail me (see below) and I'd be happy to send the file to you that way.

Keith L. Martin

Keith @

Your website is full of "bugs", not working. I always have problems advancing from one page to the next, and back. It freezes. I'd love to read this article, but was not able to get further than 2nd page

Val @


Sorry to hear about the trouble. Please let me know which Internet browser you are using so we can diagnose, helping you and others.

You can also e-mail me at keith.martin@ubm.com if that is easier and I can also get you access to the content.

Thank you.

Keith L. Martin
Physicians Practice

keithmartin @

great idea with apps

Val @

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