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Improve Payer Collaboration

Practices can often feel helpless when it comes to working with payers. Here's how they can change that dynamic and become empowered.


Healthcare reform promises to improve care, reduce cost, and afford more people access to care. But at what cost will those goals come?


When using third-party vendors for certain practice functions, it's always wise to take a close look at their performance.

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Could a delay to the start of MACRA be in the works? Also, what makes radiology a unique specialty when it comes to physician pay?

Anupam Jena, MD

In this edition of the Physicians Practice Pearls Podcast, we speak with Anupam Jena, a researcher who studied the pay disparity between black and white physicians. Why do black physicians earn significantly less?


Successfully participating in MIPS or an APM will depend on meeting new measures and thresholds. Here are six key points to consider.


The 60-Day Rule, which forces physicians to return overpayments to CMS, was recently clarified. What should physicians know about it?

Despite HIPAA protections, young adults still on parents' health policies have little privacy. In some states, that is beginning to change.


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