How to Work With New Reform-created Patients

To survive a potential influx of patients from healthcare exchanges, practices must focus on a few key areas, experts say. Communicate with patients; monitor payer mix; and manage billing and collections.

ALSO: Our 2014 PayerView data, by athenahealth, provides insight on how easy or hard it is for your practice to work with payers.


There are several things to consider before making a change from a traditional practice model.

Knowing payers' timely filing deadlines can increase your revenue. Here's how you can work around them.

A new year yields new resolutions. Here are my personal goals for change in 2015, as well as how I hope the healthcare system will change.

Patient deductibles have gone from getting patients' "skin in the game" to being "skinned alive." Their problems are physicians' problems.

Winter weather often leads to an increase in hospitalizations. Make sure you document all preexisting conditions prior to hospitalization.

Keeping track of contract renewals can be tedious, but there are many techniques medical practices can use to simplify the task.

Having a solid plan in place and not panicking is key when you find yourself suddenly out of network with a popular insurance company.


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