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Tech demos often focus on standard features that don't tell the whole story. Take control by providing vendors with a list of the problems you want to solve.

Standard SMS text messaging is not encrypted, secure, or HIPAA compliant. Without taking proper precautions, texting with patients puts your practice at risk.

Information overload is emotionally unhealthy and can result in poor concentration, poor decision making, and an inability to get work done.

Don't be seduced into thinking "more is better." Multitasking can actually slow down productivity in your practice.

Does your practice have an ICD-10 transition plan? Don't forget about prior authorizations.

Front-desk embezzlement schemes are typically the result of loose collection protocols and minimal oversight. Don't be caught lacking.

A cloud vendor may tell you it's HIPAA compliant, but related technology needs to comply as well. Here's how to make sure your bases are covered.

Optimizing the skills of nonphysician providers can help your practice increase patient access, boost productivity, and generate new revenue.

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