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Judy Capko

Judy Capko

Judy Capko is a practice-management consultant with Capko & Morgan in San Francisco. She is the author of "Secrets of the Best-Run Practices," Take Back Time,” and co-author of "The Patient-Centered Payoff." Capko participates in writing the company's management tips blog: www.capko.com/blog. E-mail her here.

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Your practice is a reflection of the physicians who work there. If it looks old and uncared for, patients might wonder about the care they will receive.

Adding a new physician to your practice requires a sound communication plan that encompasses your patients, social media, and staff.

A practice depends on an excellent staff, which doesn't come together by accident. Here are six keys to building a quality group.

As a specialist when you participate in a lunch and learn, remember, it's not so much about the lunch; it's more about relationships.

Good clinical outcomes require strong patient participation. One way to engage your patients is to improve their experience at your practice.

If your staff is faced with a daily workload that leaves them frustrated and worn out, it may be time to think about outsourcing.

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Research reveals reporting discrepancies between primary-care and specialty practices. How can you improve the lines of communication?

Hiring the right candidate for your medical practice is not the easiest task. But if you prepare beforehand and ask the right questions, you can.

Consultant Judy Capko provides nine ways to effectively meet your practice's scheduling demands.

Scheduling problems are a practice-wide issue, affecting every staff member. Here's how to better understand what's not working and fix it.


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