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Following this year's flexibility, practices must meet strict MACRA guidelines in 2018 and beyond or face negative payment adjustments.

Maintaining high customer service standards can increase patient satisfaction. Here are 11 tips to gain a customer service edge.


Customer service has become an integral component of maintaining a successful practice. Here's how to improve the patient experience.


Advances in technology are making creating an integrated and seamless physician workflow more feasible than ever.

There were several multimillion dollar HIPAA settlements this year, including the largest settlement to-date. Here is a summary of the worst incidents.


Many practices are reluctant to make the switch from a physical server to the cloud. Here's why storing data in the cloud makes sense.

Technology has the potential to create a more efficient and robust practice. Here are the technologies to invest in for practice growth.

Potential patients are everywhere, but practices can struggle to connect with them. Here are the best methods to recruiting the modern patient.

EHRs have arguably been the largest investment physicians have made in the recent past. Now that the benefits of these systems are being realized, the creation of additional technologies can present even more opportunities to optimize your practice.

As another year of school begins, providers may wish to pursue their own continuing medical education. Here are a few topics where a refresher may be beneficial.


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