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Health IT

Ten Apps Docs Should Start Using Now

If you're not sure which apps are best for you to download, here are 10 top picks from professionals in the healthcare industry.

Health IT


When it comes to interoperability, there is a high road and there is a low road. Right now, we’re forcibly getting the low road.

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Practices are sometimes eager to introduce new technologies to patients, but first they must look to see if it could truly benefit their population.


Cost, true partnership, and responsiveness to small-to-medium-sized practices are all good reasons to stick with your current EHR vendor


We need to accept that identical medical offices with rigid protocols may not serve our individual patient populations in the best manner.


Poor support, integration issues, and acquisition by another vendor are all reasons to consider switching your EHR vendor.


The kind of EHR interoperability envisioned by vendors and regulators will never be achieved and is not practical for healthcare.


Why is the dropout rate of the EHR Incentive Program getting higher and higher? Experts say there are multiple reasons.


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