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Law & Malpractice

Four Ways to Reduce Malpractice Risk

Providing excellent clinical care can reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit, but the clinical side is not the only area to focus on.

Law & Malpractice

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OSHA recently introduced harsher penalties to employers who are violating workplace safety guidelines. Here's what you have to know.


A recent ruling on patient suicides by the Florida Supreme Court puts physicians at added risk for something they have little control over.


A New Jersey physician's actions of submitting thousands of false claims to Medicare and Medicaid cost him more than a fine.


In light of the election, America is united in not knowing what lies ahead. This doctor uses this time to reflect on our health system and its many issues.


Recent headlines illustrate the wide range of risks that doctors should be legally and financially prepared to face during the course of their career.

A recent study suggests that physicians differ in their approach to emotionally charged issues, like abortion, based on political affiliation.

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A former FBI agent talks about the sure tell signs that a patient may be lying to you.


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