Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Physicians, it is time to reevaluate holding cash for your retirement. Here’s why.

Investing in real estate can sometimes be risky, but in volatile times, healthcare REITs have been viewed as a stable investment.

All rhetoric aside, it is helpful to understand where our tax dollars are being spent.

Doctors can be easy prey for tax fraud schemes. Be smart and arm yourself with information from legitimate sources.

Have you maxed out your retirement account and still have some extra cash to sock away? With so many options, here are a few good ways to start.

Financial adviser David Alemian discusses safe money vehicles vs. investing in the stock market and how it can affect physicians.

CPA TJ Casey shares eight tips for physicians regarding deductions to investigate as the tax deadline approaches.


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  • Changing tax laws and other financial issues are a lot for a physician and his office to keep up with. So what can you do to ensure you follow all the necessary guidelines to protect yourself and your practice? You can ask for some help.

  • Podcast

    Michael Williams, managing partner of Weitz & Williams CPAs and member of the National CPA Healthcare Advisors Association, discusses some of the changes to this year's tax code that could affect physicians.

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