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Personal Finance

Personal Finance


I'm often asked how much life insurance physicians require and what type I recommend. Here are my answers.

LLCs can be great tools if used the right way, unfortunately many of them are being actively marketed to doctors for the wrong reasons.


Here are three critical issues to avoid for physicians to buy a home after residency and facing a mountain of student debt.

The OIG fraud alert warns physicians to be wary of compensation arrangements that could violate the Anti-Kickback Statute.

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Here are some common financial questions I'm asked that I frankly don't know the answer to, as well as a few I do have guidance on.


Doctors have a lot of valuable personal and professional data on their laptops and other devices. Here are five simple ways to keep that data secure.

One common tool that attorneys and non-attorney promoters alike often use to protect physician assets is the limited liability company or LLC.


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