Physician Compensation Survey

Our 2013 Physician Compensation Survey highlights financial challenges facing today's physicians and medical practices. But with obstacles also come opportunities.

Also, check out the full data from our 2013 survey, based on replies from close to 1,500 physicians.

Physician Compensation Survey

Each year we hear about the "flawed" SGR formula, but what's really wrong with it? Here's a look at the physician reimbursement model up for debate each year.

Wondering where your compensation falls on the continuum? Our 2013 Physician Compensation Survey gives you both national and regional data.

Our Physician Compensation Survey offers a glimpse into the financial challenges and opportunities for physicians.

Consultant John Lutz discusses the transition from volume- to value-based healthcare and how medical practices can begin preparing today.

The MGMA's Donna Knapp and Todd Evenson discuss current and looming quality and cost factors that are playing a role in physician compensation.

Value-based physician compensation incentives are gaining momentum, but aren’t going away any time soon.


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