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Risk Management

Protect Your Practice Data Against a Breach

Don't question your data security after a breach. Here are six strategies to keep protected health information safe.

Risk Management

Social media is a must for practices to engage patients in today's day and age. So a governance program is essential.


Prescribing more medication to a patient isn't always the answer and can be dangerous, as this doctor recently learned.


While employed physicians often cannot accept samples in their practice, this independent doctor can and does, to help his patients in need.

Physicians are first concerned with treating patients. But they are also business owners. It is a mistake not to review potential areas of risk.

Getting your medical practice ready for the challenges the New Year will bring should start now. Here are some areas to review.

A recent study suggests that physicians differ in their approach to emotionally charged issues, like abortion, based on political affiliation.

I won't talk a patient into treatment, yet, I do have a superior level of expertise. My goal is that patients understand risk, benefit, and alternatives.


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