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Docs' Biggest Medical Regrets

We'd like to only remember the good things we've done in life and forget the bad, but that's not how our minds work. Everyone lives with a few regrets from their personal lives and careers. We asked a few doctors to share some of their biggest regrets in medicine.


Staff Salary Survey

Cannot afford to give your employee a raise, but want to show them that you value their work? The Civility CEO is here to help.

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A guide to helping physicians better understand the process of Medicare-based reimbursement for PAs. What do you have to know?

In order to become effective at their jobs, practice staff members must have trust in each other and faith in the abilities of practice leadership.

With a shortage of physicians, doctors coming right out of medical school are the future. That's why it's important to keep them any way you can.

Millennials are taking the workforce by storm, but how can practices ensure they retain these talented, younger staff members?

Successful practice owners encourage personal development for their team; one of my very favorite ways to do that is through required reading.


Taking the steps needed to cross-train medical practice staff can pay off in multiple ways. Here are some important reasons to invest in your staff.


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