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Staff Salary Survey

Rise of the Advanced Practitioners

The number of advanced practitioners in practice is on the upswing, but can they address the primary-care physician shortage? Experts disagree.

Also, check out the 2016 Staff Salary Survey to see if your salaries are in line with national benchmarks. After that, find out which regions are compensating their staff members the most.

Staff Salary Survey

Learn how you and your medical practice staff can get the most out of your meetings and leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and connection.


Understanding where breakdown happens within a training program will help you identify where potential problems reside.

Agile leadership means finding out what's important to your staff members, then using that unique knowledge to conquer problems and encourage excellence.

By valuing staff members' input and investing in their development, your practice will reap the benefits of increased efficiency and better patient care.

Dr. Mary Christ

One physician shares her sister's experiences in getting care from a nurse practitioner and how it shaped the way she thought about their profession.

Dawn Mortion-Rias, Ed.D, PA-C,

Dawn Morton-Rias of the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) speaks about the rise of the PA profession in this podcast.

Share your thoughts on whether or not advanced practitioners are the solution to the primary-care physician shortage or if they are not interchangeable.


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