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Three Common EHR Missteps

If you are having trouble with fully utilizing your EHR, you're not alone. Minor mistakes can cause major problems. Here are three missteps that typically trip up physicians.


With a goal in making electronic patient engagement efforts as informative and user-friendly as possible, health care practitioners are challenged with maintaining the security and privacy of patients.

No matter the size of the healthcare organization, communication is one key to ensuring a smooth transition to a new EHR system.

The chief innovation officer at UPMC says that improved usability in IT systems isn't about interfaces — it's about fitting into a doctor's work flow.

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From tools to help report on quality measures to automatic matching of diagnosis codes, practices should speak up to improve EHR usability.


From documenting care in real time to being as specific as possible, there are steps you can take to minimize malpractice risk.


While there are challenges associated with providing patients with EHR access, the benefits make it worth it, according to two experts.


Keeping emotions out of it, having a "Plan B," and being able to walk away are three key skills you need when negotiating.


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