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Three Common EHR Missteps

If you are having trouble with fully utilizing your EHR, you're not alone. Minor mistakes can cause major problems. Here are three missteps that typically trip up physicians.



Improved user experience, help with population health management capabilities and 2015 CMS certification round out this list.


Physicians are being preoccupied with more and more requirements, which is unfortunate. Their time is precious, for many reasons.


From this doctor's point of view, EHRs make little sense when it comes to dollars and cents.

In our recurring blog "Inbox" we share comments from physicians and practice administrators telling us what keeps them awake at night.


When you keep the patient as your focus, figuring out how to get behavioral health data into the EHR works itself out.


Templates can make documenting care more efficient, but doctors still need to make each visit unique. Here are some pros and cons on using them.

In light of rising costs to do business, physicians are looking for ways to cut costs while sustaining quality patient care.


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