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Hiring Firing

Reducing Medical Practice Staff Turnover

Retaining quality employees at your medical practice doesn't happen automatically. And high turnover hits your practice where it hurts most; reducing revenue. So, we've put together some tips to help you keep your best staff members where they belong - in your practice.

Also: we've all heard of exit interviews. But what about the reverse? Stay interviews give you a chance to speak with valuable staff members before they decide to move on to greener pastures.

Hiring Firing


Dr. Hoffman looks at what it takes to have a competent, successful staff when you own your own practice.

Finding the right practice manager or administrator is essential to the health of your medical practice.

It's a hard call, but sometimes you have to let someone go at your practice. Here are few signs it's time to let go.


Understanding where breakdown happens within a training program will help you identify where potential problems reside.

Adding a new physician to your practice requires a sound communication plan that encompasses your patients, social media, and staff.

Great interview questions go beyond just asking about skill sets and previous job tasks. Here are eight that can single out stellar candidates.

Dawn Morton-Rias, EdD, PA-C

Testing is more than an objective measure of knowledge. Certification tests are also valuable learning tools that are more effective than study alone.


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