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Patient Relations

Master Your Reviews

Physicians are increasingly being reviewed online, through sites like Yelp, Vitals, and others. How can you ensure that your practice doesn't get a bad rating?

Patient Relations

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Look for areas to improve patient satisfaction, such as removing or reducing the time patients spend in the waiting room.

Maintaining high customer service standards can increase patient satisfaction. Here are 11 tips to gain a customer service edge.


Customer service has become an integral component of maintaining a successful practice. Here's how to improve the patient experience.


It can be hard to have conversations when patients are non-compliant or being given bad news. Here are some strategies to manage these exchanges.


When you're having a tough day and wondering why anyone would be a primary-care physician, it can be hard to empathize with patients.


You don't have to be a TV doctor to effectively reach a potential audience on Twitter, says new research on doctors using the social media platform.


The days of the doctor knows everything are over. Physicians must work hand in hand with patients to improve outcomes.


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