In a new ruling, CMS agrees to partially pay pending hospital claims in exchange for withdrawal of claims appeals.

In light of continuing Medicare fraud, it is vital to review your coding and billing procedures. Prevention is key to avoiding expensive take-backs.

Physicians face a wide variety of exposures beyond medical malpractice claims including both labor and tax claims for misclassified contractors.

Payers can no longer exclude patients due to pre-existing conditions, so they are resorting to other tactics.

The "recredentialing trap," strict payment reviews, and fingerprinting are all underway or on the horizon as ways payers are bullying physicians.

In medical practice, a cottage industry has developed, which is dedicated solely to legal “fault finding” without regard to equity.

Medical practices are no strangers to audits. But health IT audits are critical to the financial, legal, and operational success of your office.


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