Patient Dismissal

Keeping Your Patients

Before you cut loose your most difficult patients, check out our expert tips and tactics for mending broken relationships.

Patient Dismissal

Pediatrics is unique in that physicians have to push patients out of the nest so they can fly on their own. Here's how one doctor does it.

From a sample patient dismissal letter to an RVU calculator; these 10 resources will help your practice operate in a more efficient and compliant manner.

The physician-patient relationship can be terminated for any non-discriminatory reason with proper notice. It is best to do so as cordially as possible.

Physicians without proper opioid prescribing policies may unknowingly help patients engage in illegal activities, and they could face liability issues.

Dismissing a patient from your medical practice without taking the proper precautions can raise ethical and legal problems.

Need to “fire” a patient for non-payment or disruptive behavior? There are ethical principles to consider.

When patient lateness is a problem, there is a solution. Here's what the experts say about keeping appointments on time at your medical practice.


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