Patient Flow Wait Times

Strategies to Maximize Patient Appointments

Physicians are busy people. You know that mounting demands on your time can erode your patient relationships. Therefore, as the amount of time you can spend with your patients decreases, one way to combat that is to find new ways to maximize your efforts. Here's what you can do to make the most of your limited time with patients.

Patient Flow Wait Times

Practice employees are more than salaries. If you use them in the right places at the right time, they are revenue generators supporting your physicians.

There are four good reasons to consider an investment in online scheduling, including attracting new patients and retaining existing ones.

Patient access to care has become problematic. One way to address this is to standardize scheduling procedures.

Patients are foremost people and they sincerely appreciate caring physicians and staff members. Don't forget to build customer service into your daily practice.

In order to help patients with diabetes who need my services most, I've implemented some pre-screening efforts to help prioritize our patient panel.

Online rating sites not only review physicians, but your entire practice, including the aesthetics. Here are five tips to improve positive patient feedback.

Veterans may soon be able to seek care from private providers for up to two years, if they face long wait times at VA facilities.


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