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6 Best 'Doctor' Songs

Whether you like catchy show tunes or prefer to rock and roll, there's sure to be a "doc" song that suits you. To find the best of the best, we asked you to vote on your favorite physician-themed songs. Here are the results.

Work/Life Balance

We crunched the data and ranked each of the 50 states to help you find your next practice home.


Some year-end scams target doctors externally, while others are brought to them by would-be advisors. Here’s a look at both.

Physicians are at risk of insomnia just as much as the general population. Here are six tips to reclaim your rest.

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Invigorate and reenergize your practice for the home stretch in 2015. Here are a few ideas to consider.

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What is the right amount of time off to give medical practice staff? Is there such a thing as being too generous?

Wondering how to handle unexpected drop-ins at work? Worried about romance at work? Let the Civility CEO help.

My office is understaffed, overworked, and I'm drowning in paperwork. I do not have time for vomiting.


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