Work/Life Balance

6 Best 'Doctor' Songs

Whether you like catchy show tunes or prefer to rock and roll, there's sure to be a "doc" song that suits you. To find the best of the best, we asked you to vote on your favorite physician-themed songs. Here are the results.

Work/Life Balance

A physician's life is complicated. Success and happiness require productive adaptation.

The life of a physician is a complex system. The challenge is to make it a complex adaptive system to survive and thrive.

Sending children away to summer camp gives this physician a unique opportunity to reassess her work-life balance.

Medical practices, just like other work environments, face significant challenges when it comes to navigating increasing demand for flexible scheduling.

There's no doubt that becoming a physician means hard work and long hours. Is the lack of work-life balance worth it?

It's possible to balance things as a physician at work and home more by bringing the best parts of each to the other location.

The pressure to excel can be an overriding factor in physicians' lives. So stop a minute and praise your staff, your patients, even yourself. It's good medicine.


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