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Work/Life Balance

The Burnout Cure

Clinicians, worried that you'll never shake the feeling of burnout? Here are nine ways that can help the restore your passion for medicine. Also, can nurse practitioners and physician assistants help or harm burned out physicians? Some experts say yes, others say no.

Work/Life Balance


In part 2 of our roundtable, three doctors vent about EHRs and extol the virtues of having a balanced work and home life.

Burnout can spread rapidly. Here are six ways to protect your team and ensure the virus doesn't get too far.


In part one of our younger physician roundtable, three doctors expand on the toughest challenges faced in their burgeoning careers.


You can get along better with your EHR software and in turn, it should help reduce clinician burnout. Here's how.


A recent survey indicated 94 percent of final-year medical residents prefer employment over independent practice. Can this be reversed?


The cost of doing business in healthcare continues to rise as reimbursements continue to drop. How do you keep your staff happy and feel like they are valued?

There are a few lessons that physicians and other healthcare providers can take away from understanding how the famous band has stayed relevant.


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