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Difficult Patients

When Family Members Become Disruptive

Sometimes, a patient's family members can become disruptive or aggressive, and threaten to hinder patient care. Here's how to address and deescalate the situation.

Difficult Patients


A recent ruling on patient suicides by the Florida Supreme Court puts physicians at added risk for something they have little control over.

Has a turkey come into your office for an appointment? Use this doctor's example on how you should treat them as a patient.


Sometimes physicians are forced to terminate a relationship between themselves and a patient. Here are six ways to do that.


Don't let a situation with an angry patient get out of hand. Here are steps to deescalate aggression in the exam room.

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Patients are using misinformation on the web to call in orders for medication, in a growing problem known as "fast food medicine."


With the cost of healthcare rising, is it really wise for hospitals to spend money on services that you'd find at the Ritz Carlton?


Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are a vital part in solving the opioid epidemic and will soon have new authority to do so.


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