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Difficult Patients

Difficult Patients


Legal advice on how to ensure you don't get in trouble for negligent conduct in taking care of a patient with a drug-seeking problem.

It'd be nice to ask a new patient about their family history with malpractice lawsuits. Unfortunately, that's not allowed, as this physician finds out.


Malpractice incidents are unfortunate for all involved, but can provide insightful lessons for practices. Here are seven takeaways from real-life suits.


There is a precedent happening in pediatrics as helicopter parents and overbearing daycare centers have created a sharp increase in "doctor's notes."

At least one doctor expresses his desire for malpractice reform to enacted, to put an end to frivolous lawsuits. Don't send in the clowns!


An administrative director reflects on the many emotions of collecting money from payers and patients in today's healthcare climate.


A healthcare professional takes time to address some of the misconceptions patients may have when they present for care.


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