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Difficult Patients

When Family Members Become Disruptive

Sometimes, a patient's family members can become disruptive or aggressive, and threaten to hinder patient care. Here's how to address and deescalate the situation.

Difficult Patients

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Before you fire off a response to a negative patient review, here are seven things to consider. You don’t want to post something potentially worse online.

Staff-to-patient communication generally reflects what the staff really believes, and that often reflects poorly on a practice.


Our pediatric practice has a new policy: no more medical excuse notes. Here's why we did it and how we let everyone know about our new stance.

Are your patients relying too much on inaccurate information from Dr. Google? Here are some resources to steer them in a better direction.

Handling a confrontation with an angry patient is critical to malpractice risk management. Here are five tips handle difficult encounters appropriately.

New data from Quest Diagnostics suggests while the rate of misuse of prescription drugs is high, there are strategies for physicians to use with patients.

It's hard treating individual patients, complicated treating families, and extremely difficult when families want to be "anonymously" involved.


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