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Difficult Patients

Difficult Patients


Enough is enough, you are ready to dismiss a patient. What are the right reasons to do so and what actions can you take?

Maintaining high customer service standards can increase patient satisfaction. Here are 11 tips to gain a customer service edge.


It can be hard to have conversations when patients are non-compliant or being given bad news. Here are some strategies to manage these exchanges.


When you're having a tough day and wondering why anyone would be a primary-care physician, it can be hard to empathize with patients.


A recent ruling on patient suicides by the Florida Supreme Court puts physicians at added risk for something they have little control over.

Has a turkey come into your office for an appointment? Use this doctor's example on how you should treat them as a patient.


Sometimes physicians are forced to terminate a relationship between themselves and a patient. Here are six ways to do that.


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