Difficult Patients

Difficult Patients

There is a fine line between being an educated patient advocate, and being a know-it-all family member who is in the medical field.

If you've ever heard a staff member try to calm an angry patient down on a phone call, you have a great opportunity for training.

Someone tell me when a physician's relationship with a patient starts and how far does the physician's responsibility go until the patient receives care.

Getting patients to understand hospital privileges — and what I can do for them when admitted — is often a difficult discussion.

A recent interaction involving a patient's mother makes me wonder why we can't dismiss family members and if there's a lawsuit on my horizon.

A profitable and successful practice will struggle to exist, or at a minimum be unsustainable without a deep knowledge about your ideal patient.

The physician-patient relationship can be terminated for any non-discriminatory reason with proper notice. It is best to do so as cordially as possible.


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