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On the Lookout for Reimbursement Changes

Five ways your practice can better control its payer contracts — and boost reimbursement

PLUS: Full results of our 2014 Fee Schedule Survey

Front Desk

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Incomplete or inaccurate patient information can set the stage for a claim denial before a visit. Avoid these mistakes at the front desk.


Lack of feedback from back to front office on coding issues perpetuates a cycle of denials. Here are five tips to help get claims paid the first time.

Sometimes, practices need to get a little creative when it comes to getting the daily work of seeing patients and running a business completed.

Practices face big cash-flow problems as patients shoulder more of their healthcare costs. Here's how to step up patient payment collections.

Need to accommodate more patients and exam rooms in your medical practice? Consider eliminating the reception area.

Revenue cycle management can be the key to boosting the financial performance of small medical practices. Here's how.

Every medical practice will have patients with unpaid balances, but those that have smart collection strategies in place will be better off.


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