Big Box Battles

Worried retail clinics will take a chunk out of your business? Here's how to compete.


Patients with chronic diseases consume a huge portion of healthcare expenses. The use of health tracking devices could change that.

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Experienced physician assistants can help physicians counsel their patients on better nutrition.


One of our payer quality metrics is more like student standardized testing — the intent is good, but the result is a poor indicator of true success.

In a sea of healthcare apps, you sometimes have to stand out to make a difference. Here are four apps doing just that.

A recent survey indicates female physicians are more positive about their profession and healthcare reform than their male peers.

I admit it — I watch medical television shows, and have recently been binge-watching the "House, M.D." series.

Here's your opportunity to learn what you might want to avoid saying — or doing — next time a patient comes to your medical practice.


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