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Big Box Battles

Worried retail clinics will take a chunk out of your business? Here's how to compete.


Monitoring patients remotely is one way to reduce healthcare costs, but it may also facilitate outcome-based reimbursement programs.

We asked physicians to share who or what inspired them to pursue medicine. Here's what they said.

Under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, patients can request a restriction on disclosure of PHI to a payer if they pay out of pocket, in full for a service.

Experts say there are common compliance misconceptions that are costing practices unnecessary time and resources.


A series of symptoms has left me, a physician, experiencing a series of frustrations as a patient.

Scheduling problems are a practice-wide issue, affecting every staff member. Here's how to better understand what's not working and fix it.

Sometimes, practices need to get a little creative when it comes to getting the daily work of seeing patients and running a business completed.


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